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Claw Game Download

Game Claw

Producers of these games have their own advantages, and the producers of these games focus on them and are always working to develop them, because they are interested in all age groups, and play and enjoy them, including these games. The famous Clau game which has become popular and a wide audience

More than other games.

Claw is a game with a lot of features, and the story revolves around a cat, the captain who lives in the world of dogs, and of course we know what is going on between cats and dogs, from fierce battles and conflicts and others. Captain Klao is forced to live, live and survive amid this world of "dog world", and the cat or Captain Klao is Nathaniel Joseph Clay, a pirate cat who is a game hero.

Clau, attacks his ship and drowned a group of dogs, and detained him in a cell in preparation for his execution, and during the detention

Li is part of a map hidden in the wall.

It helps him escape the cell. He begins his journey to assemble the nine jewels mentioned in the mascot and the conflict begins.

Description of the game Clau

This game is one of the most important games, which relates to adventures and conflicts, as it has a unique style of play, where it is characterized by ease of play, and a very distinctive graphics interface, it works to facilitate the game on the player, without making more effort to understand the events of the game.

Features of the game Clau

From the many features of the game Clau, has made it very popular audiences, and has become control among the masses, the rest of the quality of these games "Adventure Games".

The most important of these features:

1_ The first of these features that the game enjoys very simply and super accuracy and excellence in form.

2_ have a very distinctive graphical interface, impressed by the players, because this interface is simple, and make the player more excited to win and climb to a higher level.

3_ able to all age groups of over 3 years of play, they are available to everyone from the ease and ease of play.

4_ have a graphic design on the highest quality and accuracy. It makes you to coexist in an atmosphere of excitement and fun, where the island atmosphere that

The hero of the game is looking for the lost golden treasure, confront his enemies, and fight them until they win.

5_ The game enjoys a suitable music with the atmosphere of adventures and conflicts intriguing within the game.

6_ The player does not find it difficult to perform his task, as it facilitates the process of control.

7_ The game has a small size, do not take up much space on the computer, and therefore does not affect its speed, as appropriate for all versions of Windows.

8_ The game is free, and does not require you to pay money to buy them, they are available for download directly.

How to use the game Clau

Claw is a two-dimensional side-scrolling platform game, with a simple battle system, the goal is to reach the end of each level,

By killing enemies. Claw's primary weapon, his sword, can kick and punch him when he is close to his enemy. And Clau also has a pistol, dynamite and a magic spell called the Magic Claw, and whenever you acquire one of the treasures, the level increases, the dots, contains

Each level has two save points, plus a game of Clau at the end of each level.


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