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If You Like Action Games Then Play (Free Fire) War Island

Download free fire has become one of the most downloaded games on the Internet, and became one of the most popular and most popular games after the game Babj became the first game in the world, as the download of free fire is mainly inspired by the famous game Babji and clearly.

We will review in the following lines all the game-related method of loading and description of the game and its features.

Game free fire

In this game you will join a group of up to 50 players, where all players fight, until the moment there is only one player left, and fighting on an island, a vast island full of trees and cars from which you can move.

But you have to remember that only one player from the group is the one who will live to the end and stay alive.

Download game free fire

When you download the game you will find in the left part of the screen you have a virtual device, a personal control device that fights

On the island, on the right side of the screen you'll find a bunch of other buttons, this group

Its mission is shooting, running and prone, in addition you will find among them a jump button.

Some information about free fire.

When you find a weapon, box, cart or door, you can interact with those tools by clicking the button that will

It appears on the screen, and on the right pane you will find your inventory from where you can choose the weapon you want to use.

Download link from here

Immediately after the descent, each player runs to get the weapons that he can play, eliminate the rest of the players,

But be aware of the direction from which you will receive the strike, and the advantage of the game that you can ride the car

And run away if suspended.

The game is distinct from the other similar games in that it does not contain 100 players, but contains only 50 players.

But some consider it a violent game based on violence. Although finished a normal game from the point of view of others, but lead to negatives

They are constantly discomfort

Some similar games are free fire

FreeFire is similar to some very high quality combat games like Pubg Mobile - two games created by Tensit Games with some variations and familiar 3D graphics.


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