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What Is Conquer Game And How Download

Game Conquer

It is a game that you can play only by connecting to the Internet, and the Internet must be good, so you can communicate

Good in the game, and follow the events of the game in a timely manner, because the slow Internet, delay the arrival of information to you,

They come late and therefore suffer many losses.

Conquer is a group of planets, and the player has to choose the planet he wants to play on, as he should.

To choose a hero, from the heroes present in the game, and after his choices begins to develop the hero of his choice, and also armed

The best weapons in the game, and then enter the competition with other players, a game of adventure games,

And action warfare, but it is distinct from the other quality of these games, where you can communicate with your competitors,

In the game Conker you can also create a list of friends, and the game has several cities enter the player, to face many monsters

The different waiting for him, to start fighting between them, and trying to kill these monsters, to raise the level of his hero, which he chose, and the maximum level

This game is level 142. The player can be re-born again, the same quality as the hero he chose,

Or choose other heroes, the player can repeat the process, to become a quality hero 3 times, or to become his

Features 3 heroes together.

Description of Conquer game

Take the classic character, and is constantly developed, this game is universal, not local, and played by millions of

Different countries of the world, including players from Arab countries, such as Egypt, which is considered the most used countries for this game.

Game Conker

There are many tasks provided by the game to the players, including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, in addition to the basic and free missions available in the game, and of these tasks, are the tasks of villages, where the player gets basic clothes,

The character of the hero, in which he plays, and the game Conker, includes tasks associated with events, such as the occasion of the New Year

Gregorian and Easter, and there are daily tasks in which players compete, and when the player wins 6 consecutive times,

He can win the XP Award, a level-up unit, so you can increase the power of your character.

Clothes and weapons in the game Conker

The weapons of the game are multiple, including pistols, rifles, bows, arrows, armor and swords, and each type of character has his weapon

Unlike clothes, which are fixed in large part, all characters can wear them.

The tower, the van, the chain, the throat, and other weapons, some of which are wooden, which is weak, and the very strong ones, which are of a super type,

It can double the power of super weapons.

Trade between players in the game Conker

The game has a commercial market system, which allows players to display their weapons, which is surplus, and sell them

For others at an in-game price, you can sell outside the game and you can also buy from within the game for gold coins called

"CPS", namely the pieces
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