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Program to increase the Speed of the Internet Smartphones 100%

  1. A new free app for smartphones that can speed up your Internet connection on the one hand, and keep your movements and activities confidential on the web, on the other, is what was recently introduced in the applications market for Apple App Store and those for Android Google Play Store.

Cloudflare takes the place of a DNS server and provides a faster and more secure access service for phone users.

The DNS converts the typed names of the URLs we visit, such as into the so-called IP or Internet Protocol address, which is shown in this image:

This process is causing slow access to web pages and websites if the DNS server on which your ISP relies is slow or overloaded with a large number of users, who are browsing the network at the same time.

There is also the issue of privacy, as the ISP also knows all your movements, pages and sites you have visited, and saves this information .. Here comes the role of application, which plays the role of DNS fast and does not save any activities of users.

Cloudflare confirms that its application is free and will remain so, and that the goal is to provide a fast and secure service, and for this matter has contracted with KPMG Professional Services, to monitor its work and ensure the truthfulness of its statements.

The application only works with WiFi networks, and does not work with Internet connection via mobile networks.

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