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Writing through mind and percutaneous hearing

Regina Dogan, head of the secretive sector, Building8, said that the mind produces data per second in the size of 4 HD movies, and in order to be careful not to lose anything, we must use and exploit it in a way that benefits us and facilitates our lives.

Regina Dogan revealed these two techniques:

1. Writing with the mind:

The main reliance on this technique is called “Ballistic Photons,” which are light particles that travel through any thick medium such as water or other, so that a person can write 100 words per minute quickly.

Through this technique, one can think of the word they want to write. At this moment, the brainstorming center for words ready to come out in the form of spoken or spoken words, called "Broca's Area", is an area in the mind responsible for any processes the person is dealing with. With speech, somehow the neural signals carrying the speech will be converted into photons and will be transmitted over the air to the sensors they receive and begin to convert them to written words displayed on the screen.

This technique will make it easier for people with diseases of the mind that prevent them from writing properly, as well as people with physical disabilities that they will be able to express what they want to write or say just think.

2-Hearing by skin:

Regina Dogan posted on her profile that Braille is a very special way for blind people to read easily by touching a group of highlights on paper. The world knows that skin has so many advantages and has very high sensory abilities, so Building8 has been involved in converting sound waves to vibrations at certain frequencies that are connected to human skin, by wearing a set of sensors directly on the skin. With training, this will make it easier for humans to hear or, more precisely, “feel” what is being said, even if this Speak in a language that one cannot understand, this is now The system will convert it to the language of the person and arrive in the form of vibrations through the sensors placed on his skin.

All this without talking or listening to a voice.

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