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How To Get the Profile Picture Of Instagram full Quality

Some may think that Instagram's privacy has been exceeded, so the answer is no, the privacy is still the same, but what I'm going to explain to you today is a trick. Or a private account.

First login to the account of the person whose image you want to appear in this case I explain on my own account.

Note: You can perform the steps from your phone as well.

Second, copy the image URL "Image Link" and in the phone long press on the image and choose to copy the image title.

Third, open the image in a new window by pasting the link and entering it.

Fourth, delete the image scaling by deleting "s150x150 /" and then press Inter.

After completion you will find that the picture appeared as the owner lifted it from his mobile phone.

In the end I hope to use the method correctly and not violate the privacy of anyone.

Update: The method is not currently working

Copy the link to the image and delete "/ vp" from the link.

Then replace "s150x150" with "s1080x1080" and the image will appear at a normal size.

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